Get In-Depth Training for Your Field Position

Get In-Depth Training for Your Field Position

Learn about our group and private football lessons in Baton Rouge, LA

Whether you're looking for a coach who focuses on youth education or a trainer who teaches older players, Elite Football Academy is for you. We offer group and private football lessons for athletes in Baton Rouge, LA. Each training session is broken down by specific positions and age groups.

Meet with fellow athletes and a skilled trainer two to three times a week to run a wide variety of drills that target your position's skills and mechanics.

Ready to get started on your group or private football lessons? Send us a direct message on Instagram today to coordinate your first training date.

Discover the benefits of group training

Do one-on-one training sessions make you feel awkward or unmotivated? Many athletes in Baton Rouge, LA have benefited from our group football training sessions, and you can too. We'll help you:

  • Motivate yourself to get better with a little friendly competition
  • Learn different techniques from your instructor and fellow peers
  • Make new friends and have more fun during your weekly training

To learn more about the benefits of group football training, contact one of our staff members today.