Take the First Step in Your College Football Career

Take the First Step in Your College Football Career

Sign up for a football combine in Baton Rouge, LA

Before you start looking for a college to play ball at, you'll need verified stats. That's where Elite Football Academy comes in. We provide verified stats for high school athletes in Baton Rouge, LA who are planning to play in college.

From timing 3-cone shuttle drills to taking each athlete's physical measurements, we'll follow the same process the NFL uses for their combines.

We provide testing for students at our own locations and at their high schools. To choose your football combine location, call 225-256-6502 now.

What testing does our NFL-style combine include?

A wide variety of measurements are taken in every combine. During the testing, we'll measure your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hand size
  • Wingspan
  • Arm length
  • Pro agility time
  • Bench press max
  • 40-yard dash time
  • Broad jump length
  • Vertical jump length

Don't wait to sign up for our next football combine in Baton Rouge, LA - contact us today to get on the schedule.

Upcoming Combines

High School Combine

High School Combine

Saturday, July 17th | 8am-12pm

Central High School
13845 Hooper Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70818

Grades 9-12
$50 per athlete pre-registered
$75 per athlete walk-up/day-of

Position Specific Drills:
Taught by Former Players, Coaches,
and Certified Trainers

Verified NFL Style Measurements:
Height, Weight, Hand, Arm & Wing